Marketing is Everywhere; Get in the Game

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Marketing is Everywhere; Get in the Game.

Marketing is the art of convincing someone to take notice and to want to take some kind of action. Whether you are buying something, wish to attend something or want to call someone, it all starts with marketing. Here some basics that will help your marketing efforts produce results.

Remember the importance of the headline. It all starts with an attention-grabbing headline. If you don’t catch your target markets’ attention with your title, they won’t read the rest.

Call you target to action. Ask them to do something. What do you want them to do?

  • Call
  • Email
  • Order
  • Write
  • Buy now!!

Target your Target. Shotguns only work when they are pointed in the right direction.

Test and Measure. Some words that used to be effective no longer work. If an ad doesn’t work, retool it until it does.

“50% off” does not work as well as “Half Off.”

Don’t afraid to copy what the other guy is doing. In school, they call it cheating. But, in the real world, it’s referred to as market research. If you liked it, so will someone else.

We use some form of marketing in everything we do. It’s not just for business. Churches use it to get their members to attend services. Teachers use it to get students to go to activities. Charities use it to solicit donations and volunteers. Youth sports groups use it to get kids to come out and play.

Marketing is everywhere. Have fun with it.

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